Simple steps to pure happiness

Today I am going to write about simple ways to physically feel happy within yourself. Step by step what I do in my day to keep myself staying positive and through out the day.

Starting off when I wake up in the morning from pure sunlight shining through my window, I what so ever do not check my phone the minute I wake up. I get up and wash my face with cool water to give me a boost of energy to start off my day. I go get myself something to eat but every morning drink a glass of water before eating anything. I then, after eating, go back to my room and light an incense because i feel smelling certain things can boost your mood. More of a citrus or fruity smell will do the trick. After lighting my incense, I sit on my bed, and meditate for maybe five minutes at the most. I let go of any negative energy, and let go of any bad thoughts, in the past and future. After that I finally go on my phone and check my notifications, and what not. I check my blog and do all my internet stuff, and finally I sit and read either my poetry books, or an everyday mindfulness book, which I purchased at my local Barnes & Nobel. Another thing to relieve stress is to exercise or go to the gym. It will take any thoughts away you have that are bothering you, and will boost your energy as well. A steam room or sauna can also bring positive outcome to your everyday life.

By evening, I like to take a nice relaxed bath before eating dinner. It’s a good time to just relax and be to yourself. Before bed I stretch a little bit and once again light incense and mediate for another five minutes or so. Having a positive impact and believing these things can help, really boosts the way you feel by the end of the day, and it can take time. Do not let the sun go down on anger. People don’t realize now much little sun, little exercise, and fruits and veggies can seriously impact your life. Give yourself a smile, and lay back on social media so much. Before going to bed, I like to have been logged off my cell phone an hour before bedtime, have time for yourself and be in the real world.


Bringing myself closer to God

This is a new beginning for me. I have never been to be the one to worship God, pray, read the bible, any of that. But this is all about to change. I have always believed in God, I have always been Christian, but not serious enough to say that God is my savior. I have come to my own belief that God can give you the power to live a healthier, happier, fuller life. I have decided that I want to start now. I feel writing about this can help me come a long way with my own goals, and encourage me to have a positive finish with this goal to have a better relationship with God. Simply being able to talk to the person who has blessed you with this beautiful life, on his beautiful creation of Earth is magnificent. Thinking about all the ways I can start now excites my soul to an outstanding level. This is my new beginning to a much more appealing life style in so many ways. I think that God has reached out to me, which is why I am starting this blog and becoming an improved person.

First blog post-Start to a new beginning

Today is the day, I am starting something new… or you can say a few new things. I’m starting a blog!!! First things first, I am so excited to be sitting here, finally making a move on this. I have wanted to blog for years and years and always questioned myself, “what am I going to write?” “It’ll take too much time!” “I won’t get any support, no one will read it…” then I came to realization, that all I need to do was believe in myself, believe my family and friends will support this, and also something new to me, is having Gods support in whats being done. If there is something that you want done, do it. Do not hold back! That is why I am here now typing this blog. But I have to say I couldn’t be more excited to start this journey.